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What follows is a brief description of the piano wrap. This has the advantage of:

1. A secure and stable wrap which takes advantage of the geometry of the tuner

2. Reduced wear and tear on the tuner, and the spindle

3. Speed and ease of application

Although the technique can take a few tries to get it right, once you have mastered it you won't ever fear restringing your guitar again.

With the guitar on its back and the neck supported, draw the string tight and lay it alongside the tuner spindle on the side opposite the button.

Wrap the string around the spindle at least once, then push the free end through the eyelet.

Grasp the free end and pull it tight so that the coil compresses against the spindle. The free end should go over the coil and not under or through it.

Pull the free end back against the spindle in the direction opposite to that of rotation. This creates the important Z-Lock

Wind the tuner to bring it up to pitch and give the string a tug to consolidate the coil.

You should aim for a wrap about 1/8"(3mm) deep, just enough to cover the eyelet and trap the free end against the top of the eyelet.

Restringing - part 3

tuner wrap from the side
tuner wrap from the top

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