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Eltham Jones, guitar repair and technical services :Bristol : Cardiff : Bridgend : Tel. 07971 240296

I can always count on Eltham for sensible and evidence-based advice. Everytime I've been taken by a new - often expensive and unnecessary - modification, upgrade, invention or concept Eltham has, with the application of scientific logic, helped me decide to retain my money in my wallet rather than transferring it to his... perhaps not the greatest businessman then - but a fabulous guitar tech! - Jay Menon

Anyone thinking of buying a new guitar...DON'T!

Just let Eltham fit your old beloved axe with new pick-ups!

Richard Hayward - Seymour Duncan Hotrails owner

Eltham, you are a complete star... my Fender electric mandolin, which had been 'looked at in depth' #cough#...

which was causing me a nightmare on stage... now thanks to you it works!! no hum , no buzz, just pure 'ave it sound...

"if in doubt, let Eltham sort it out!"

Cheers Eltham... will be telling everyone to come to you!!!

Lizzie Bluehorse x

Guild 12-string works a treat cheers! Take care, Richard Craine

Hello Eltham, just dropping by to say thank you very much for putting the Fishman Ellipse into my Yammy. Really appreciated how quickly you got the parts and fitted it. Being able to plug in is gonna revolutionise my playing. So thanks Eltham, also thanks again for all your amazing advice and help. Grace (The Transporters).

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My work is its own reward, usually, and I put a lot of effort into getting it right, so it's nice to know when that work is appreciated. Here are some of the things that my customers say.

Eltham, every time I bring you a broken guitar you look at it and you sigh and you say "Ooh, I don't know..." and then I come back later and you've always managed to fix it...

- Martyn Joseph

I'm not an easy customer as I usually want my basses setup in a way that most luthiers claim defies the laws of physics. Eltham just does it, fast and cheerfully. What more could a gigging musician ask for? - Simon, Bass, Jellied Reels.

Hiya Eltham, just like to thank you for the excellent job on my acoustic, it's playing like a dream now, also the other jobs on my grandson's guitars, he's over the moon, best wishes and thanks again, Dennis Lang.

I chose my guitar, a Takamine semi-acoustic, very carefully when I bought it ten years ago.

In all that time, playing semi-professionally and whiling away those spare hours at home practicing and composing, I thought my guitar was perfect. Then, a few months ago, I moved back to Bridgend and took my old faithfull into the Music Station in Bridgend to be re-strung. Mathew, on the sales counter, briefly inspected her and straight away recommended I leave it with "The Wizard."

I did so and a few hours later, I returned to collect her after a re-string and set-up.

I won't swamp this testimonial with the usual tired superlatives; wow, amazing, wonderful etc.

Suffice to say that "The Wizard" had transformed my 'perfect,' rather expensive Takemine into a completely different animal.

It is now much easier to play and tune and rings with a self-sufficent harmony that I have never heard from it before.

It's become a pro-standard instrument in every way that counts and I find myself falling in love with it all over again... And all for a negliable sum compared with the purchase price. Take it from me, whatever guitar you own, leave it with The Wizard for an hour. You won't regret it.

- James Wyatt, Principal Installer

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