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Eltham Jones, guitar repair and technical services :Bristol : Cardiff : Bridgend : Tel. 07971 240296

Use this form to contact me and avoid being sucked into the voracious maw of my spam filter. The "Location" field is there to help me identify genuine clients from people who just want free advice. i reply to everyone, but I reserve the right to limit the length of my correspondence with those who are clearly not intending to bring me any work. Answers like "Outer space" or "at my computer" will get your e-mail dumped to the spam filter.

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I respond to all genuine enquiries promptly so if you don't get a reply your junk mail filter is the likely cause!

Telephone: 07971 240296

Please read the following before contacting me

I'd appreciate it if, before you ring or email me to ask such obvious questions as "how much is a set up/restring/refret" etc., that you take the trouble to look at my site, which is very comprehensive. The menu is on the left and you will find most answers there just a click away, including a calendar and maps to my locations. I deal with a lot of emails and I don't wish to appear rude but I have taken to answering such emails with nothing more than links to the relevant page on my site. There is a list of FAQs here

Please don't call me from a withheld number or from a landline at work unless it is from a line that goes direct to you and not a reception desk as I try to return all missed calls. In general I prefer not to phone landlines if at all possible and I don't use voicemail of any sort. Neither do I respond to to unsolicited offers of SEO or Website Design.

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