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I have, on many occasions, repaired what has seemed at first sight to be irreparable.

The deciding factor when looking at the viability of repairing a guitar is usually not a technical one - since most things can be repaired given enough time, money and resources - but economic; most guitars just aren't worth the cost of repairing them.

A further problem for this type of repair is the question mark hanging over the continued availability of lacquers containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as nitro-cellulose which is leading many repairers to reassess the continued viability of repairs involving refinishing.

Probably the most common structural repair I get involved in is the repair of broken necks and headstocks, usually on Gibsons.

It's not normally possible to give accurate advanced quotes for this sort of work as every job has a different set of complications which it presents so the prices shown are typical, rather than definitive.

More of an issue is usually the turnround time which can be considerable.

If you own a guitar valuable enough to be repaired when it breaks, I strongly recommend taking out separate insurance, or at least checking your household policy to see if it is covered.

For an example of one of my headstock repairs follow this link

Headstock/Neck repair

Basic headstock repair

(no refinishing)

from £180

from £80

Major Repairs

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