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Eltham Jones, guitar repair and technical services :Bristol : Cardiff : Bridgend : Tel. 07971 240296

"Not only is there but one way of doing things rightly, but there is only one way of seeing them, and that is, seeing the whole of them."

- John Ruskin

I tend to favour pickups from Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, EMG* and Kent Armstrong.

I will also fit pickups from smaller "boutique" manufacturers with whom i don't have trade accounts if the customer provides them.

New pickup, fitting only


Second hand pickups


hourly rate


£75 minimum, then pro rata at hourly rate + costs

Pro rata at hourly rate + costs

£40 per coil


*EMG pickups should normally only be fitted as a matched set. If you require just one EMG in conjunction with a standard high impedance pickup then you must also have an impedance matching preamp installed

Repair/Replace output jack

Cavity Screening


Rewiring/servicing Archtop circuitry

Vacuum waxing pickup











Electric Guitar and Bass services

All pickups are fitted following a series of checks to ensure that the correct polarity relationships are maintained between the various coils in the circuit wherever possible (this is something many people get wrong when fitting pickups from different manufacturers to the same guitar)

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