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In addition to the usual services of electrical repairs and pickup installation I can also offer a number of interesting trick circuits.

A popular one for Strats is the emulator which turns your bridge position into a big Alnico powered humbucker by the simple expedient of putting the bridge and middle pickup in series. This is a great option for someone who wants to improve the sound of their bridge position without going to the hassle and expense of fitting a humbucker. You can download a sound clip of it here.

The use of a 4-pole, 5-way switch allows the modification to be done without the dead spots associated with this mod using a standard switch and the addition of an optional push/pull pot allows switching between standard and enhanced modes.

The same switch can be programmed to deliver a number of other options; if you have an idea in mind please contact me and I'll try to work out a schematic.

Although trick circuits are normally offered as an installation service, I can supply pre-configured switches for you install yourself with full wiring diagrams. you would need to have some basic soldering and circuit tracing skills however.

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