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Edge guitar services

Eltham Jones, guitar repair and technical services :Bristol : Cardiff : Bridgend : Tel. 07971 240296

£275 (fitted)

£225 (fitted)

£90 (fitted)


£425 (fitted)

All of the quoted prices are "on the road" and cover everything required for you to take the guitar away and start using it except for strings and any additional services requested.

Not all guitars are in suitable condition to accommodate a transducer pickup and may require additional work not covered by these prices before pickup performance can be assured. Also some pickups are unsuitable for some guitars. Please discuss your requirements in some detail with me before committing to purchase any acoustic pickup.

Can't decide which pickup you need? Let me help you make an informed choice by clicking here for the option map

Acoustic Pickups

Rare Earth or Neo-D (fitting only)

For the best combination of sound, ease of use and value I recommend and endorse the Fishman range but if you have a particular requirement please contact me as I have fitted almost every generally available pickup.

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